All of us get bored by seeing same wallpaper again and again on iPhone. It would be fascinating if wallpaper keeps on updating periodically without user intervention. Well, this is quite possible if you have a jailbroken device. iOS developer Timm has released a great tweak called as Wallmart. It can change iPhone wallpaper automatically and makes your iPhone look wonderful.

Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically Using Wallmart 1

Once you have installed the tweak, you can easily configure settings of Wallmart. Go to the Preferences pane from the stock Settings app. The pane contains two sections: Wallmart and Interwall. You will find the required configuration settings in Wallmart section. You can choose the Wallpaper mode which can be either Lock Screen, Home screen or both, shuffle as well as blur the wallpaper, enable or disable the Perspective Zoom.

You must select the wallpapers which you want the tweak to cycle through. You will have to put them in a single album in the stock photos app. Choose the album from the stock Preferences pane. You can also choose the Camera Roll, but it is highly recommended to create a separate album for the tweak.

Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically Using Wallmart 2

Once your device is unlocked, the wallpapers will keep on cycling from your chosen album. You can also choose interval for switching between wallpapers by using Interwall section. You have to input the time period in terms of seconds.

The only drawback of this tweak is that it affects the performance of your device and it will slow down since it has to change the wallpapers after a specified time interval. The tweak can also have a negative impact on your battery.

If you prefer looks of your device over performance or battery life, then you should download this tweak from BigBoss repository of Cydia store for free. Change iPhone wallpaper automatically using Wallmart for improving its aesthetics.