aspdotnetlogo Whether you are making your personal websites or a Database Driven websites, all can be done through Microsoft’s ASP.NET under the hood of their famous IDE Microsoft Visual Studio. It is a must for every programmer, its the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) rich in programming languages like Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# and ASP.NET.

Step 1: Start Microsoft Visual Studio

If you don’t have it, then download the Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition for free and install it before continuing.


Step 2: Through File menu click on New Website…


Step 3: Set the website location, name and select programming language (here we would be using Visual C#).


Step 4: Now your project is opened with one .aspx page and is ready to get mingled.

(aspx page is a a form for Web Applications)


Step 5: Its coding time! Write your code for the website, here I simply added a text Hello World to make things simpler.



Step 6: Now the code is complete, you can simply see the preview by pressing keys Ctrl+F5 to test without debugging, or if you want to start with debugging then just press F5 key.

When you start the website, it will create ASP.NET Development Server locally on your computer, which would allow you to view the website locally on your computer, but you cannot access it through any other computer on the network, we would be doing that later in another post. The text inside the red box is the path to your website, which here is the path to our Hello World website, you can put it in any web browser and it will load your website for you, unless you shutdown the ASP.NET Development Server.


After this notification your default web browser would pop up with your website.