Portability is the factor which has revamped our way of thinking. Portable software, tools are the talk of the town, so are the portable operating systems. Linux users enjoyed the privilege of having portable software and different flavours of Ubuntu so they used to roam a lot having different versions of Ubuntu in pocket, making the Windows fans yowl because Microsoft caught the OS portability feature late. Better late than never, it’s good that you can now have portable version of Windows in your flash and spill away anywhere. Wondering how? Read on because in this post we will be telling you how you can make Windows 8 portable version.

portable windows 8

Press Win + X key combination and select “Control Panel” from the context menu. You will need to switch to the small icons in the opened window. Select “Windows To Go” Icon as shown in the image below.

how to make portable windows 8  (4)

Now select the USB drive you want to make portable and have Windows OS in it. Click Next

how to make portable windows 8  (1)

The wizard will automatically search for the valid Windows installation files to burn on USB. If you have necessary installation files at some other place, you can give it in the search bar.Wizard will now ask you for the confirmation of the starting of the formatting of your USB drive. Hit Create to let the things go smooth.

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That’s all! You have successfully made your USB a portable workspace. It’s possible that the portable USB will not show up in Explorer, you can search for the drive manually to make things easier.