We experienced a great number of tweaks and changes in the Windows 8 usability and interface. One of the pronounced changes were the vanishing of the mouse dropping shadows, of which, ,many were fond of. In this post, we will tell you how you can get that mouse drop shadows back in Windows 8 just in a few clicks.

Windows 8 Start Screen

Open windows Explorer by pressing  Windows + E keyboard combination. Right Click on computer, select “Properties” from the Context menu.

Window 8 File Explorer

Click on the “Advanced System Settings” from the left side options pane. Now Click on the Advanced Tab from this Box, and then click Settings button under “Performance” Option.

Window 8 File Explorer Options

Now you will see a list of check-boxes, tick the one saying “show shadows under your mouse pointer setting", then click Apply.

Window 8 File Explorer Check Boxes

That’s all! You have successfully enabled the mouse pointer shadows.