Many of us still miss those beautiful Aero features of Windows 7. The transparent windows borders, the sliding bubble effect and many Aero related tweaks introduced in windows 7 were really spicing things up but now, Microsoft doesn't want us to use Aero, I don’t know why. But we have a way around for this! In this article, we will tell you some of the sneaky tips through which you can enable the same transparent, translucent screens and many other Aero features in Windows 8. As most of the Aero related code has been vanished form the new OS, you can expect some redundancies, conflicts but overall, it will work just fine.

Window 8 Aero Feature

The first solution is to get back the transparent glass effect using the high contrast theme’s colors with another theme’s settings. For this, follow the steps given below

1. Right-click the desktop and select Personalize. You will see a list of themes, Enable the High Contrast White theme by clicking it.

Window 8 Aero Select Theme

2. Click the Color option at the bottom of the Personalization window. Now don’t click the color and Appearance Window and just Right-click your desktop again and select Personalize to open a second Personalization window.

Window 8 Aero Personalization

3. Click any of the Windows default themes in the Second personalization window. Now Go back to the Color and Appearance window you left open and click the Save changes button.

Window 8 Aero Save Changes

You can enjoy many of the Aero features in windows 8 using the above method. If you find this method too difficult or complex, you can give a spin to the third party tool, called Aero8Tuner, made by one of the famous developers of Windows 7 Aero features.


Aero8Tuner enables you to deploy the Force High Contrast Mode option to enable the transparency without using the high contrast theme trick. But my personal experience suggests that the manual tricks helps more than this.

Window Aero 8Tuner

Aero8Tuner also allows you to control custom window color and you can select any color you like, even the custom ones. You can download Aero8tuner for free and  give it a try.