“Are you sure you want to move this file to the recycle bin?”, “Are you sure you want to merge these folders”? I was just sick off these assurances, confirmations and silly questions asked by the previous versions of windows and it seems I was not alone. Amid the augmented number of user reviews and complaints. windows 8 just cut this silly rant because even if you are not” sure and delete anything by mistake, its going to end up in Recycle Bin. But many of the users asked us a way around on how they can get back the confirmation boxes, especially upon deletion of files. In this article, we will tell you how can you get back those confirmation boxes on deletion of files.

Delete Confirmation Box

On the Desktop, right click the Recycle Bin icon and click properties from the context menu.

Recylce Bin Right Click Window 8

You will see a properties box, in the lower middle, there is checkbox saying “Display delete confirmation dialog”. Tick it.

Window 8 Propoerties Box

Next time you delete something, you will see that familiar confirmation box asking you that are you really “sure to do this what you actually did?