WhatsApp is by far the most popular chatting platform with over 300 Million active users. Until now, it was available only for mobile devices. PC users had to install Android emulators like BlueStacks for running WhatsApp on their desktop. Now,  Facebook owned WhatsApp solves the difficulty of PC users and introduces the web version of WhatsApp. The procedure to install WhatsApp on a desktop PC or laptop is demonstrated here.

How to Install WhatsApp on a Desktop PC or Laptop 1

Installing WhatsApp on a Desktop PC or Laptop

In fact, you don’t need to install any kind of application for using WhatsApp on your PC or laptop. The web version will mirror the conversations and messages from your mobile device onto your PC. All your chatting threads still reside on your phone.

The latest web support of WhatsApp is available for Android, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 19, and Windows Phone version of the app. According to the company, the web version is not yet supported for IOS devices due to limitations of Apple’s platform.

For connecting your web browser to WhatsApp, simply open the web address of WhatsApp from Google Chrome. You will see a QR code. You need to scan the code inside WhatsApp. After scanning, your mobile version of WhatsApp will be synced with the web version. Your phone needs to stay connected with the net to keep using the web version of WhatsApp.

How to Install WhatsApp on a Desktop PC or Laptop 2

It is highly recommended to use the latest version of WhatsApp on your device. Once you have integrated your WhatsApp with PC, you can just sit back and enjoy conversations right from your desktop.