An average computer programmer gets paid with around $71,380 annually and reports suggest that the rate is elevating with a ballooning speed because of the augmenting needs of software in the industry. A deft command on a single famous programming language can bulk your pockets quickly. Speaking of programming languages, C++ is one of the top paid skills in the corporate industry. So if you are on a lookout for a one stop place to know some of the best ways of learning C++ at home, in a short time; you have landed the to the right page. We are going to give some of the top ways through which you can get on the right track and start racking up bucks. So let’s get started straightaway with the most efficient way to learn the florid skill.

Top 3 Books

Don’t get sullen to see that we are starting off from the books, we are not here to bore you and compel you to go through monotonic folios but reading a good book for learning the programming language  is the best way to to have a grappling command because a book always gives you the gist of the language in depth and concretes your programming concepts, that is the key in learning the coding process.

Jumping into C++

Jumping into C++ by Alex Allain is the best book for the beginners. Starts off with basic concepts like variables, loops and functions, the book has more than 75 practice problems, quizzes, self explanatory well commented source code files.  Soft copy is available for download in just $19, and you can order a paperback hard copy from Amazon.


Accelerated C++

Accelerated C++ by Koeing and Moo is another colossal C++ book for both the beginners and those having a slight touch of the basic programming. The book teaches C++ style, concepts with examples, gets slightly more advanced as compared to other beginners books. Grab the e-book for free or order a paperback copy from Amazon just for $31.


Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days

If you want to learn C++ thoroughly and quickly, this is your book. The book is designed in a such a way that the beginners can grasp the basic concepts easily without getting bored.  Topics are divided into categories based on "days" and the book has total 21 categories. Tip boxes, quizzes, teasers keep the reader awake. Get a free soft copy or order paperback edition from Amazon.


Top 3 Video Lectures

The nirvana of video tutorials have always amazed the noobs and easy pie grabbers. You can just sit on couch and learn. Its just like a virtual classroom where you can takes notes, see the instructor teaching, students sitting. You can pause the video if something cracks your nuts. We have mined top three video tutorials for you.

CPlusPlus Video Lecture Series

Cplusplus website is an authoritative entity on C++ tutorials, updates, books etc. The video lectures hosted at this website are just awesome and provides a great insight on the language for the beginners. More than 50 videos, each of around 8 to 10 minutes. Just open the website and start streaming the skills, it’s free.

New Boston Video Lectures

The  New Boston Video tutorials got a thrusting fame in a very short time amid the great explanatory skills of the famous narrator behind. You can watch this video tutorial series for free. Series contain more than 73 videos, having easy illustrations from installation of compiler to the development of enterprise level applications. is becoming really famous for their  easygoing and smooth video tutorials on almost every web programming, console programming language. Their C++ video tutorial series is really useful and helpful. The series starts off with basic concept building approach and teaches you about making hangman or tic tac toe in C++ at the later levels. Every video also has a static step by step images section. Check it out here, it’s for free

Top 3 Online courses

Online courses often known as Open Courseware provides a convenient way to learn the programming language professionally by some of the most competent faculty. Open courseware includes course materials created and made freely available online by universities.

MIT’s Introduction To C++

If you have little or no programming background, this course of for you. Offered by the top university, taught by top instructors, introduction to C++ will give a great basic basic conceptual know how. Check out course materials, syllabus, lecture notes for free.

VTC Course On C++ Fundamentals

Virtual training company offers a great course on C++ fundamentals. You can get free access to the first three chapters for each training course only. Complete course along with video lectures, books, test assignments, notes costs $99. Check out the details about this course at the VTC official website.

Free Course By Stanford University

Want to become C++ crackerjack? Here is the best course for you, offered by Stanford University for free. It’s an advanced level course which includes advanced programming topics such as recursion, algorithmic analysis and data abstraction using the C++ programming language, memory management and code optimizations. You can download complete course material from the Stanford University Website.