Google Chrome’s developer’s release, Chrome Canary has now been matured enough to be deployed and used on daily basis on your machine to serve the purpose, as touted by Google, that is “testing bleeding edge features”. Chrome Canary is somewhat of a mix between the Chrome developer build and the Chromium snapshot builds. It can be run side-by-side with any other channel, which means that it isn't linked to your other Chrome installs and can therefore run different profiles, data, themes etc. Because of the plethora of nightly builds for Canary, Google doesn't allow to make Canary a default browser but as we are here to get the sneaky work around for you, we will tell you how you can make Canary as the default browser.

Solution 1

1) Download the registry file to make Canary as default browser from this link. Unzip it in your system.

2) Right Click the “Registry” file and select “Edit” to open in Notepad or any other text editor.

3) Replace “YourUsernameHere" with your Windows username in the entire file.

registery for Canary

4) Save Changes in the Registry file and close it. Close all the browsers and run the Registry File in which you just have made the changes. Hit “Yes” on the Dialog box showing a warning from the registry Editor.


That’s all, Chrome Canary is your default browser now. If you want to revert the changes back and don’t want Canary as your default browser, just run uninstall registry file provided in the same folder.

You have successfully made Chrome Canary as your default browser. Enjoy the "bleeding edge of the web" [Solution Credit: Jonathan Chan]