Mobile virtualization startup BlueStacks has revealed the GamePop as a mobile home gaming console that offers a huge variety of games for a reasonable monthly fee. The GamePop packs around 500 top Android games into the console, just for $6.99 per month. GamePop has also added support for iPhone and iPad games. You can play Android and iOS games on TV and have real fun with GamePop.

mobile games on TV


The final version of GamePop looks pretty much like its Mini version with a tiny mini-bar like design that easily plugs into USB for getting powered. It uses HDMI for connecting to your TV. It is also aided by a special dongle for communicating with the controller unit.

The controller is claimed to be the finest game controller ever designed for enjoying the highly popular games and apps on TV. It is designed to act like a remote control, but it also fits in hand very well. It offers a Netflix-style model for providing a rotating library of software so users never get bored. They can also experience the best mobile gaming taste.

The main advantage of using GamePop is that you can start right away without having to install extra software. You just need to navigate through the GamePop’s home screen, which organizes apps by category and popularity. You can scroll through the games in a comprehensive and straightforward list. You can also search for your desired games with virtual keyboard input.

GamePop performs its job really well owing to the fact that it runs an interface that makes good sense for TVs and also presents Android software on the big screen. However, like other Android consoles before it, GamePop may not provide sufficient inspiration for users to employ it in the long run.

The performance of GamePop is really good. You will enjoy the way its pointer works. It is relative, and when you hit the edge of your TV screen and keep moving the controller, it resets the basic positioning. There is a button on the controller that acts like a finger press in tandem with the pointer, which is really a bad way to perform touch-based input on a home console. This strategy makes it quite frustrating for playing anything like Fruit Ninja.

Overall, GamePop is a really wonderful device that you will enjoy to play iOS and Android games on TV. It offers tremendous user experience apart from some drawbacks.