As the year reaches its end, it is always useful to recap some useful and important achievements, milestones and events of your life in 2012 so as to derive strength and hope for a better year ahead. Most of us become so absorbed in our lives, that we forget to remember what we went through in our life, while we make sure that every update is shared on Facebook so that our loved ones know about what’s going on in our lives. Facebook has attempted to provide you with useful information of your profile through the YearInReview feature, while propagating the overall usage trends like the most popular videos, memes, check ins, books, public figures, technology and the like as a means to get a feel of the trends and statistics in the social media over the year 2012 using the Facebook Stories feature. In addition, you can also view country or region-wise stories and tendencies while having the ability to add your own story to the overall global pool of memories. Try out these new features and bid a warm farewell to 2012.

Facebook Stories is a collection of memories from around the world addressing various issues. Simply click the issues button to view the top issues presented to you in an organized manner coupled with a slider for easy navigation. It is recommended to keep yourself logged in to Facebook so that you can effectively make use of the features in the least amount of time with minimum effort.

Facebook Stories - People using Facebook in extraordinary ways

In order to benefit from a more personalized interface, you can add your own story to the collection by clicking the Submit Story button at the top of the page. If you’re not logged in to Facebook, it will prompt you to sign in and allow the application to access your profile. Specify your story, timing using the integrated calendar and tag related people. You can also add video or photos to your story from either Facebook or from your computer. Click the Submit Story button and you’re ready to go.

Facebook Stories - Add your own

To view 20 most important events of your social life on Facebook, click the YearInReview space that will direct you to your Facebook showing the respective memories as a timeline. There are high chances of you smiling when you look back at the past.

Facebook YearInReview

Facebook Trends are also shown at the bottom of the page while providing features like Midnight Message Delivery allowing you to configure your Facebook account to deliver the New Year greeting at midnight of December 31st to your loved ones.

Facebook Trends

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