Lame Quiz invitations and game invites to down right stupid invitations can be very animagenoying at times leaving your facebook page a  ll cluttered with crap which has now started to seem more like crap. There must be some way of avoiding or more precisely stopping all this spam from creeping into your facebook page. Is there a way to clean up your page so that only facebook apps like Status updates, links and notes and photos show up on your page? Yes there is!

Here is how you can clean up your Facebook page from all 3rd party app notifications and invitations and only allow updates from Facebook’s own apps:

1) Download and install the latest Firefox 3.5.1 if you still don’t have it.

2) Get the GreaseMonkey script manager Add-on.

3) One-Click Install Facebook Purity Script and you’re done!
Note: Make sure your GreaseMonkey Script manager (image ) is enabled (Click the monkey icon at the bottom right of Firefox browser) before you click the Install link.

This script called Facebook Purity – as the name implies – purifies your facebook page of all spammy notifications and invitations. Recently, the script stopped working due to changes in the Facebook code which the script uses to stop 3rd party app notifications but it has been updated and you can install the latest version (link is given).

Here is a comparison of how my page looked before and after:



You can easily Show/Hide the block messages as well, making it less likely that you might miss any important or interesting invitation…to perhaps some game you always liked.