Despite of all the touting, media hypes, baking anticipations, people are not loving the new Start button in Windows 8.1, recently revealed by Microsoft, reason being the useless, not much efficient Start button which does not come near to the Start button of Windows 7. Amassed number of users were complaining furiously about the absence of Start button in Windows 8 and it seems Microsoft meshed the latest Start button just to serve the complaints and zip the lips of the fans. It just takes extra space at the task bar because it's only a button without any functionality and menu perks.

Windows 8.1 Start Screen

It’s always hard to make everyone happy isn't it? Start Button was the most hankering feature but now as its rolled out, issues persists, thanks to the hasty nature of the tech giant. But we have a solution for this. If you don’t like the new Start button of Windows 8.1, WinAero has released something for you, an awesome tool that kills the Start button. Tool named “StartIsGone” let’s you get rid of the useless(for many) Start button of Windows 8.1.

But before killing the must awaited, longed for Start button, you must know what can you do with it. Users can right click on the button to view desktop-specific options, such as the task manager, control panel, file explorer, the run function, and the command prompt. Its always good to have a start button if you often use multi-monitor setups.

StartIsGone Processing Screen

StartIsGone just gets pinned at the task bar and you can click it and tick the option “Run at Startup” and you will not see the Start button every time you log in your Windows. If you want to get the Start button back, just un-check the option “Run at Startup”. Its free, portable and easy to use. You don't need any .NET Framework or installation requirements and complex riddles.

Download StartIsGone