A clean PC promises clean performance. Most of the times we get amassed garbage on our PC interface, desktop, hard drive and everything looks messed up and you don’t get a fresh, fast and crispy look for getting things perked up. Extra stuff like useless Apps, images, third party tools, games, images floods out PC and downgrades the performance.

How to reset Window 8.1 After processing

Windows 8.1 is in the market and most of the people who are new users to this awesome new release are not much used to the tips and tricks of this new comer. Getting rid of the crummy looks and PC performance, resetting is the best option to refresh your Start Screen looks in Windows but how to reset the start screen in Windows 8.1 is the question, we are going to answer it below.

In order to get rid of bloated and very cumbersome interface in Windows 8.1, the best option is to delete the related files. There are some tricky methods, running scripts in the commands prompt for the Start Screen reset but so far, nothing has worked so smooth and easily except for the trick we will tell you. The method is as easy as deleting some files from any folder. Once you apply, you will get all the apps removed right from the start(except the default Apps)

1. Open File Explorer. Go to View Menu and check “Hidden items” on the right.

2. Now navigate to C:Users[your username]AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows

3. Now you have to delete the three files as shown in the image below(highlighted). After deletion, Restart your machine.

How To Reset Start Screen in Windows 8.1  Layout Processing Screen

After the restart, you will see that same dewy and neoteric looks of Windows 8.1 Start Screen without any extra, spoiling stuff.