This is one good use of the 5MP camera of iPhone 4. How about using it to ‘scan’ instead of ‘shoot’ documents? There is one such brilliant app that lets you shoot picture of the document you want to scan and then process it to make it legible and store it locally in PDF format!

So how is it different from just editing the images yourself to extract the scanned document? It detects the edges of the document that you have ‘scanned’ itself, rotates it to fix the perspective, increasing the quality of the trimmed document and the ability to store the trimmed document either as a JPG or PDF format file onto your iPhone 4.

See how accurately the app detects the edges of the image:
scan_with_iphone  scan_documents_with_iphone

Here’s the screen cast detailing how you can ‘scan’ documents with your iPhone 4:

Note: This app requires iOS 4 and is also native-multitasking ready.

Download the FREE version from App Store right now.

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