Amazon’s Kindle now has a deadly competitor in the shape of Apple iPad. With its release, not only has it gripped the mobile entertainment industry in it’s sharp yet elegant claws but has also hit the market that was once ruled by Amazon’s flagship eReader: Kindle. With Apple’s iPad you can read all your favorite books, magazines and news papers in the popular PDF and ePub formats. Transferring these files to iPad and then managing them is what Xilisoft’s iPad PDF Transfer tool lets you do in a very nice and easy to use way.

With all the default settings, you first have to transfer the books or other PDF files to the iTunes aniPad PDF to PC Transfer d then once they’re on iTunes, you can sync them to your iPad. This is a two-step process and pretty inconvenient. How about transferring PDF and ePub files directly to your iPad without first moving them into iTunes? This is what you can do with Xilisoft’s PDF transfer tool. Some would argue that transferring files first to iTunes helps in backing up your important data just in case it’s wiped off your iPad. This is addressed by this tool by providing you with the option to back up your files separately on your computer or on the iTunes, whichever you want to do!

This is definitely good value for money. For just $14.95 you get a tool that lets you transfer PDF files from your computer to your iPad, lets you back them up on your computer filesystem or iTunes and then it also lets you manage the files you want to send to your iPad. Management includes the ability to edit the file information like the Author of the file and also it’s Name.

Some more dynamic features of the tool include the ability to see information on how muTransfer iPad PDF to computerch space you have used on your iPad when it’s connected to your computer. You can also do batch-transfer instead of selecting files individually. And then you can also search through the PDF files and also apply search filters! This will surely come in handy when you have stocked a good amount of books in your iPad!

So what do you get as a bonus? This tool not only works with iPad (as the name would suggest) but you can use it for your iPod Touch (2G, 3G and the latest iPod Touch 4) and also your iPhone (2G, 3G, 3Gs and the latest iPhone 4). It has support for every iOS that exists. As already said, this is definitely a handy tool and a must-have.

You can download a trial version of Xilisoft’s iPad PDF Transfer tool from this page.