Now you can “Like” anything almost anywhere on the web. Starting from today, Facfacebookebook has started posting notifications on your Facebook page detailing that now it’s possible for you to “Like” content on it’s partner websites including Yelp, Microsoft, Wall Street Journal, Pandora and several others. 


Here’s how it will work:

  • You click the “Like” button on a page
  • It gets posted on your wall and shared in your friend’s News Feed
  • Facebook partner sites will use this information to throw related content on your next visit

What’s important to note is that Facebook says that it will not share your personal information with these partner sites but still privacy will remain one of the primary concerns in the adoption of Facebook’s penetration into the rest of the web.

How to Turn “Like” Button Off

You may turn this feature off which means you will not be displayed Facebook “Like” button on other websites. To do this, go to your:

Facebook page –> Account –> Privacy Settings

Applications and Websites

Uncheck the Instant Personalization option:

Click Confirm button to turn this off and maintain your privacy.