Toaster notifications are a nifty addition to Windows 8 but for many, it becomes a headache to see the periodic useless suggestions, comments from the OS. Is there any way to get rid of it?  Yes! there is always a way around and in this article, we will tell you how you can turn off the Toaster notifications completely, or for any specific application.

Toaster Notification Example

You can disable the toaster notifications in Windows 8  using that charming “charms menu”. So go ahead and press Win+C to open the charms menu. In the charms menu, you will see a gear icon of Settings. Click it, a sidebar will be popped, just like this.

Charms Menu Sidebar

Just click the notifications option, a cross will be appeared on it and it means you have disabled “all the notifications” successfully. But this will disable every notification, including the start screen, lock screen notifications. For not letting this happen, Click on the "More PC setting" link on the sidebar. This will open the Metro Control Panel. In the notifications section, you will see that every notifications is turned off.

All notifications Off Control Panel windows 8

You can turn on/off the notifications according to your choice. In my case, I turned off the Toaster notifications of Messenger app.

Toaster Notifications Selection windows 8