With social media platforms getting ever more popular, and our day to day activities being profiled in places like Facebook Timeline and the like, seldom do we use our social footprint to analyze our behavior and save time. Documenting your habits and personal trends can help you know more about you and why build a brand new resume when you have everything shared on Facebook? In addition, there are many online tools that help you create documents in forms relevant to text, spreadsheets and presentations but rarely do they resemble the output produced through the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Well, I for one was amazed to see a new initiative by Microsoft FUSE Labs termed simply as Docs. What’s so special about Docs? Well, you can create and save all professional work online in the official Microsoft environment that provides you the comfort of using the Office applications online. In addition, with just a few clicks, you can extract statistics regarding your Facebook Friends’ List (gender and location distribution to mention briefly), Resume (derived from your Facebook information) and Slideshow (a collection of memories from your Facebook photos). Read on after the jump to realize what you are truly missing in the sphere of social media.

The main Docs page is organized in a manner that creating a new document (whether it be Word, Excel or PowerPoint), online is just a click away. If you want an existing document, saved on your system, to be available to you, online and wherever you go, simply click the Upload here link at the top right of the Window or click the Add a Doc option in the menu bar of the webpage. It is also recommended to login using your Facebook account to integrate your Friends’ List and go through their documents apart from the advantage of sharing your documents with them (if need be). The Featured documents are also highlighted on the main page to give you a broad view of how people are using Microsoft Office for a professional experience.

Docs for Facebook


Docs also provides Instant Docs that are listed as follows:

1. Friends Chart (highlights your Facebook Friends distribution according to gender, location and age)

2. Resume (provides you a CV derived from the account details)

3. PhotoShow (summarize all your Facebook photos and share them with only the relevant contacts).

If you want this experience to remain with you and not be shared on your Facebook, remember to set the posting access to Only Me while giving permission to Docs.

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