Even though Verizon Wireless has started rolling out Android 2.1 OTA (Over The Air) updates to Droid Eris phones but still there are many who have not received any. Here’s the procedure to manually update your Droid Eris to a legit copy of Android 2.1 right from Google’s servers (it’s not pre-release or Beta, it’s the one that’s being used in OTA).



Make sure you back up all your important data because with this manual upgrade to Android 2.1, your phone will be wiped.

If you have a leaked or pre-release version of Android 2.1 running on your Eris then this manual upgrade won’t help you. Wait for the OTA. Others may proceed:

Step 1

Download Android 2.1 from Google’s server

Step 2

Copy this firmware file into your MicroSD card and rename the firmware file to “update.zip

Step 3

Reboot your Droid Eris and while it’s booting again, press the “Volume” button.

Step 4

A list of options will appear, select “Recovery” and press the “Power” button.

Step 5

When you see the exclamation symbol, simultaneously press “Power” and “Home” buttons.

Step 6

Select “Apply sdcard:update.zip” from the list that will appear.

Step 7

Now just sit back and relax while it upgrades your Eris to the latest Android 2.1 and once it’s complete it will show “Install from sdcard complete” and you will be asked to reboot your phone. Reboot it and wait till you see your phone running Android 2.1

As has been pointed out, the Android 2.1 firmare file that you downloaded is completely legal and original copy of latest Android and it’s the same copy that’s being used for OTA by VZW for it’s Droid Eris users.

FYI: Flash 10.1 is not supported for Droid Eris

[via Phandroid]