Windows 8 hasn't been a much success for the Microsoft because of the plethora of issues, instabilities and volatile updates but so far so good, Microsoft managed to launch the much awaited update for Windows 8, which is expected to deplete all the yowl outs of the fans. Yes, I am talking about the revamped, beautiful and much stable Windows 8.1. With every new release, there comes a new issue, a new bug and nudge but Windows 8.1, despite of multifarious issues have been pleasing the fans out there. In this post, we will tell you how you can throw an upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 from MS store. Just follow the steps with screen shots and enjoy the perked up version of Windows.

Window 8.1 first Screen

First things first! Before pouncing the Windows 8.1 upgrade, you must update your existing OS (Windows 8) via Windows Update option in order to avoid any conflicts. If your Windows 8 has been updated recently by automatic updates even then, you must check for updates manually because this is really important to make things smooth and easy during upgrade process.

Windows 8 Check for updates windows

Now you must take backup for all the important files, folders, pictures, documents, software etc. You must do this in order to avoid any future problems because we are going for an OS upgrade. It’s safe but still, why shouldn't we secure the back? You can use File history feature of Windows 8 as shown in the image below or can use any third party back up software.

Windows 8 file history on back up feature

It’s time to get hands on the pie. All things set, you are ready to go for the upgrade, just hit Windows Key to get to the Start screen and select the Store tile. You will a screen showing you a brief preview of Windows 8.1, its features and offerings. Just click Download option.

Windows 8.1 Store Tile

The new update for Windows is around 3.5 GB for the 8.1 Pro edition so things will not be as fast as we expect. You can carry on working on other chores until Windows tips you for the next step. After installation, you will see a message asking for a PC restart, this is the point after which you will not be able to work on the PC during the update process because PC restarts several times after this point. Hit “Restart” and you will start seeing different screens, progress screens. Then, a license agreement will be showed, just hit “Accept” and get things going.

Windows 8.1 Liscnense Agreement

After some more processing and formalities, you will see a brand new OS, is Windows 8.1. You have successfully download and installed Windows 8.1. You must update it at once! Enjoy the cool new features.

Windows 8.1 After installation