If you are travelling and have shot some great snaps there is still little you can do image with them in terms of sharing right away. Facebook has recently introduced feature to directly upload your photos and videos directly through email. So now whenever you shot a cool snap or record a video, you can instantly share them on facebook if you have access to your email account.


Here is the procedure:

1) Getting Your Personal Facebook Email Address:

Log in to your facebook and goto: facebook.com/mobile
Note down your personal email address at which you will email your photos/videos which will be directly uploaded to your facebook.

2) Start Using it!

Once you have your email address, you can start using it!

To Upload Photos/Videos:
To: Your personal upload email address

Subject: Caption you want to set. If there are multiple photo/video attachments then all will be given the same caption which can be changed later.

Attachments: Photos/Videos you want to upload.

Finally, this is how it looked like:

See the caption and the new album Mobile Uploads created where all the email uploads will be placed.