Android platform hosts apps for virtually every purpose you can possibly think of. If you desire to watch TV quietly so that other people are not disturbed, you would desire to have headphone that could connect to TV. Now, you have the leverage to use Android phone as headphone by using Tunity app. This wonderful tool allows you to hear the TV sound right on your smartphone. We will explore the functions of Tunity app in this article.

 Use Android Phone as Headphone

You really don’t need any kind of equipment as an interface for configuring TV with your smartphone. You just need to scan the TV and allow the Tunity to detect the channel. Then, you can bring the audio in sync and stream the audio right on your smartphone.

Use Android Phone as Headphone 2

The functioning of Tunity is very much similar to a visual Shazaam. You need to point the camera of your device towards the TV, allow the app to scan the channel being played, and you will be listening to the TV channel you are currently watching. Some services like Roku have tried to incorporate this service in their remotes, but you can perform this function with your regular TV now. It is quite convenient to have headphones in the form of smartphone and listen to your favorite TV show at your desired volume.

 Use Android Phone as Headphone

There are some limitations of the app also. For the very first time, you will have only a selected number of channels available in US. These channels include ESPN, CNN, Nickelodeon, and Food Network. The app has been recently released, and its range of channels should expand with time. The device requires your GPS enabled to determine your location and get you the correct audio stream. This feature could be a burden on battery of your device.

Tunity is simply an amazing app to use your smartphone as headphone for streaming audio of your TV. The app is still in its initial phase, but it is still very impressive. This app is available for free in iOS and Google Play Store.