FaceTime is definitely an awesome addition to the iPhone 4 package but the problem is it’s WiFi limitation. You are not necessarily always connected to a WiFi network but when you own an iPhone 4, you definitely want to do FaceTime all the time since it’s also free. Here’s a workaround this problem that let’s you do FaceTime even when your iPhone 4 is not connected to any WiFi network.


What You’ll need:

  • iPhone 4 (obvious)
  • Tethering enabled (AT&T charges extra $15/mo for enabling tethering)
  • A laptop or any other device with which to share iPhone USB internet connection.


You have to turn on the Tethering option on your iPhone (make sure you have tethering on your data plan) by going to:

Settings > General > Network > Internet

Click on “iPhone USB” option and you will see the green dot indicating that you’re now connected to “iPhone USB”. The dialog box shows the status (Connected or not) and also the IP address assigned to your iPhone.

Now you need to go to “Sharing Preference” option and turn on “Internet Sharing” to make your iPhone USB visible to other networks.

Once this is done, you are all set to connect to your “iPhone USB” connection just created and you can now do FaceTime without any WiFi connection! (via) (image via CNET)

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