We all want to believe what Steve Jobs claimed in his long blog post in a reply to all the recent criticism Apple has faced for it’s lack of Flash support. We even went to the point of actually believing that it’s time for Flash to be replaced with the new open standards of playing video and animations on the mobile web. But this video reveals the other side of the story. Here we see HTML5 animations on iPad from a popular HTML5 demo website. The video speaks for itself.

The animation for each object starts when we tap over it and see how painfully slow it is. The whole video experience is REAL CRAP. Seriously Flash would be way better then this. At times even some videos don’t even load!

Just for your information, you can now convert your Flash files into native Cocoa byte code with the new iPhone Packager which comes with the newly released Adobe Creative Suite 5 (CS5).

This Flash vs. HTML5 row is not going to end anytime soon. This is for sure.

[via Blixtsystems]