Windows 8.1 has officially been released now and most of the Windows fans are upgrading to it from the previous versions. With a new version come new problems. Windows 8 has been a nudge for Microsoft and the amassed number complaints from the users around the world regarding problems of Windows 8 compelled the tech giant to go back to the working table to fix the issues.

Internet Explorer Logo

One of the most pronounced problem with Windows 8.1 is the freezing/stalling of Internet Explorer. Though, all the other browsers like Google Chrome Firefox and Opera are also lagging the optimal performance but in this post, we will tell how how to get rid of the problem for IE. In the coming days,we will be focusing our lens on daily problems of Windows 8.1.

Just follow the steps and get rid of the periodic freezes in IE.

1. Open IE. Navigate to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced Tab

2. Scroll Down to Security and uncheck "Enable Enhanced Protected Mode"

Intenret Explorer Internet Options

After this, restart your browser and enjoy! No more stalling or frustrating freezes of the IE browser. Pardon for the normal performance problems and lags,which are a trademark of IE.