Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt made a shocking statement recently that internet will disappear soon. This verdict might seem quite impossible at first glance. However, his comments show validity of his remarks.

Internet is Going to Disappear Very Soon Eric Schmidt

According to Eric, there will be so many digital devices around you that you won’t even sense the internet. He was commenting at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland that Internet will be part of your presence all the time.

It must be mentioned that the word “disappear” might be too harsh. But we will lose the sense of internet. It will be around us everywhere. It will be so prominent that users will hardly recognize its presence. Just imagine, you walk into your room and everything is automated. You can interact with the objects as you desire.

The Internet of Things is growing at a rapid rate, and in the future, the number of devices using internet will increase tremendously. The interaction of people with digital devices would create a really interesting experience. Heated seats would know when to get enabled, speakers would turn on automatically, and room lights would toggle on/off according to schedule.

The statement of Eric is rather eye-catching at first. In reality, the trend of internet usage is increasing at a high rate. It will become prominent in our daily life. We will be dependent on many digital devices for our routine tasks.

Schmidt also explained that the technology has played a great role in offering jobs to people all over the world, not only in tech industry, but outside also. Internet is helping more, instead of hurting.

The statement of Eric Schmidt is very meaningful as he is well connected to the future. His deep message conveys the idea that internet will soon be a digital dodo.