Just a day before the very first iPad reaches Apple Store, FCC has made public the internal details as well as photos which Apple submitted to it on March 12 but have been made public only now. There are a total of 17 photos detailing the internal circuitry of the “magical device”.

Again, it was iFixit behind revealing some of the chip numbers which were hidden in the photos provided by FCC. For those who do not know, iPad needed FCC approval before it could be sold in the market.

Something worth noting is the amount of glue used to stick different components to the base which actually shows that Apple has really considered the durability aspect of iPad.

This actually proves that the “iPod touch 2G inside iPad” rumor by iFixit was really an April joke just in case someone believed that was true.

Here are a few pictures:





Go see the remaing 12 iPad internal hardware photos.

[via AppleInsider]