iPad is going International from 10th May and will be delivered first batch of 9 countries from 28th May. Softbank will be selling all models of iPad and 3G data plans in Japan.


Pre-oreder will begin from 10th May and the iPads will be delivered starting from 28th May. Here are the detailed pricing and 3G data plan options available:

Device: iPad (All models)

Purchasing Options: Cash payment and 2 year Installment plan.



iPad 16GB Wi-Fi Cash: 48,960 Yen
On Installments (24): 53,280 Yen
iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi Cash: 59,040 Yen
On Installments (24): 63,360 Yen
iPad 64GB Wi-Fi Cash: 68,880 Yen
On Installments (24):73,200 Yen
iPad 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G Cash: 61,920 Yen
On Installments (24): 66,240 Yen
iPad 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G Cash: 72,000 Yen
On Installments (24): 73,320 Yen
iPad 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G Cash: 81,840 Yen
On Installments (24): 86,160 Yen


Softbank 3G Data Plans:

  • Pre-Paid 1GB: 4,410 Yen/Month (Not a good option at all!)
  • Post Paid Unlimited: 2,910 Yen/Month

There is a discount for the iPad users on the unlimited post-paid 3G data plan from the normal unlimited price. Their normal unlimited data plan costs 4,410 Yen/Month.

View the complete pricing and data plans here [via MobileJapan]