The demand for iPad is a lot more then the demand we saw for iPhone in it’s pre release days. The reason being simple that we all want better, comfortable browsing on mobile devices. Even though iPhone’s browsing experience surpasses that of every other mobile phone but the problem is it’s screen size and of course Flash support.

But Flash is not going to be supported in iPad either. We are still going to purchase it in thousands and millions eventually like we did with iPhone and iPod touch. So what’s the news now? Tim Cook who is Apple’s Chief Operating Officer has said in a talk at Goldman Sachs annual Tech Conference in San Francisco that Apple is going to follow the same model for iPad sales like the one it followed for iPhone sales when it was introduced.


He further added:

Initially it will be around places with really great assisted sales, over time it will expand.

An interesting revelation: Cook confirmed that he has been using iPad for the last 6 months and has found the browsing experience really great. He said "The experience is just absolutely incredible” and that we “can't wait to start shipping it”. Neither can we, Mr. Cook

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