If you are planning to induct a lot of iPhones to increase productivity of your mobileimage-centric business then be assured that you will be putting your corporate data at risk of being hacked! It’s not me who’s saying this but experts like Jonathan Zdziarski who has even demonstrated how vulnerable an iPhone 3GS is to an attack.

In this 7 min video, Jonathan demonstrates how easy it is to break iPhone 3GS’s passcode and encryption and once that’s done, your enterprise data lay open to any kind of misuse.

This definitely should ring alarm bells for those enterprises who have already ventured into trying out the ,perhaps, best thing to have happened to the mobile-centric businesses after the invention of fax!

Apple claimed to have superior enterprise features when iPhone 3GS was released and yes, that’s true but then what about security?

Despite iPhone 3GS being risky from security point of view, enterprises have started to show interest in getting into the game.