The results of this experiment by BGR are absolutely astonishing. Even though DROID X comes with 8 Mega Pixel camera, the results, when compared with iPhone 4's 5 MP camera reveal the visible difference between the image quality of the two devices. Just to let you know, iPhone 4 records HD videos at 720p and it shoots photos at 16:9 aspect ratio while the DROID X will shoot photos at 4:3 aspect ratio with it’s 8 Mega Pixel camera. The following images have been resized but not compressed or anything so that you see the actual results of iPhone 4 and DROID X. You will clearly notice the blurry images shot with iPhone 4’s DROID X's camera:

iPhone 4 v. DROID X

Back Camera

And here’s another comparison of two stills shot indoors:

This is what DROID X shot:

And now compare this to what iPhone 4 shot:
Back Camera

(via BGR)