A new day, a new issue discovered with Apple’s best selling iPhone ever – in fact, Apple’s best selling product ever. Boy Genius Report has ‘reported’ that an iPhone 4 caught fire, burnt and melted while it was being charged through the USB connector. There is no evidence of the circuit board mal function so the only thing that remains behind is the iPhone 4 itself. What will be Steve Jobs explanation this time?

The story is that a customer brought this melted iPhone 4 and demanded it to be replaced with a new one at the AT&T customer care center but it was out of stock at that moment. According to BGR, a close trusted Apple source did confirm that the USB port and/or the connector was/were defected which resulted in complete melting of the USB connector and charring of the USB port on the iPhone 4.

So what this shows is that the iPhone 4 not only drops calls but it can also burn your hand! Here are the two photos of the burnt iPhone 4:



So what could be done to protect yourself after you have spent enough to buy an iPhone 4? Now in addition to iHand – the ultimate solution to antenna/reception issue of iPhone 4 – you probably have to buy iGlove too, which would protect your hands from any burns when you iPhone 4 decides to commit suicide by burning itself up. (news and photos via BGR)