Seems like Apple’s hold over it’s soon to be released iPhone 4G is almost lost since it’s the second leak in a month’s time. A suspected iPhone 4G metal case has been spotted in the wild – not a bar in California this time.

It cannot yet be confirmed whether its a real case or a dummy but it does look like the real thing. It’s suspicious why they found only the case and no iPhone. The case looks just like the one that was leaked earlier. The video has been released by SmartPhoneMedic and this is what it says about it:

What we have here is the assembly of the new iPhone 4G LCD and digitizer onto the metal middle plate. As you can hear in the video, the metal middle plate is really metal. It has a nice weight in your hand and feels good. Check out the video and tell us what you think. As we continue to get more pieces of the iPhone 4G in we will upload them for your viewing pleasure.

Previously Leaked iPhone 4G:

If you compare this photo with the case in the video, there’s no point of having any doubts that it’s real.

iPhone 4G is expected to be released next month in Apple’s WWDC 2010 which has already been sold out.