This is now going out of Apple’s hands. After the EPIC story of pre-release iPhone 4G landing into the hands of Gizmodo for a goodly sum of $5000 (reportedly) and then we saw a video showing the external assembly of iPhone 4G and now: A VIETNAMESE website has got hold on pre-release iPhone 4G and it’s definitely not a prank, the thing is original. 100%

iphone_hdThe iPhone 4G they have managed to acquire through whatever means is definitely a pre-release because it does not has any OS at the moment and there is XXX placeholders on the backside stamp. This device is reportedly 16GB version of the next iPhone. This device looks exactly same as the one that was leaked before.

What Gizmodo failed to reveal in it’s leak was the Chipset that Apple has used for the next iPhone and probably these guys have a thick chance of revealing this and the world would know 1 month before exactly what the next iPhone 4G/HD looks and feels like.

Here see the front and back of this iPhone 4G leak:


Here is the complete hardware assembly of iPhone 4G. We could not read the numbers written on the main chip in the picture though.


We cannot make up the material used for the case but it seems to be either Glass or Ceramic as has been reported before.

Update 2:

A video has now been released showing iPhone 4G breakdown:


Update 3

In a recently added photo of this same leaked iPhone 4G, it “seems” that it’s running iPhone OS4. There is no way to proof if it’s genuine or photo-shopped:


[leak source: TaoViet]