Finally here’s something that is confirmed beyond any doubt. Gizmodo got hold of iPhone 4G and it resulted in a big uproar among Apple fans and also resulted in Apple ‘requesting’ Gizmodo to return the device. Apparently, it seems like it is a marketing stunt from Apple since it’s the first time an Apple device got leaked before it’s official release. Anyways, now rumors and reality have been separated and we know what iPhone 4G will look like.

Here’s the pictures that were posted earlier detailing that iPhone 4G may have front camera. It now has but this frame looks very different from what we now see in the real iPhone:

Rumored Photo:

Real iPhone 4G:

Rumor: The leaked iPhone 4G frame photos showed that it would be bigger then iPhone 3Gs
Reality: iPhone 4G is slightly smaller then iPhone 3Gs

Rumor: iPhone 4G will have RFID support
Reality: We still do not know and apparently there is no support for RFID in this leaked device.

Rumor: iPhone 4G will have front facing camera.
Reality: Yes it has!

Rumor: The next iPhone will have 5MP camera.
Reality: Now they have front facing camera as well as back camera with larger lens and flash light but it’s not 5MP camera for sure.

Apart from these, there were some absurd claims too like by ResQ which leaked those iPhone 4G’s frame photos which now have been proved as fake. But what’s amazing is the leap in design from curvish to more like Apple’s other products, the Macs and the newly released iPad – Squarish design.

Will Apple Change Design Before Final Launch?
Yes it’s very likely that Apple might change the design before the final launch in June but even then the specs will remain the same and now we all know what the next iPhone will look and feel like. [via Gizmodo]