A recent patent filed by Apple talks of an authentication mechanism based on a key timagehat is embedded physically in a device and can be communicated remotely. Even though the  exact words open up a bundle of possible solutions to implement this mechanism BUT there are strong rumors which cannot be just ignored.

But if you read between the lines and closely examine the diagrams filed with the patent they suggest nothing BUT a small chip that will be embedded into the very phone itself which will contain the phone’s (or the ‘host’s’ as the patent calls it) identification number. This is exactly what an RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) chip does. Every RFID chip can be assigned a unique ID and upon sending a a specific frequency radio signal, the RFID responds with communicating it’s ID.

[Prototype iPhone Media player that responds to other object’s RFIDs]

If that is the case then iPhone 4G will have an authentication system that would be embedded inside of every phone and not only that but every iPhone will also feature RFID reader. The antenna of the reader could easily be hidden inside of the top panel and yet remain a little exposed (Product Engineering team has to do some engineering on that one).

image image

So what will be the implications? One scenario for sure: Not only will it enable a more secure iPhone but will also enable partial locking. You would ask what’s that? Well, as the name implies, you would be able to lock specific portions of the screen and reserve them for certain users (in case others are also using your iPhone which is an unlikely scenario)

[An RFID chip could be this small]

With an RFID reader, iPhone will be able to interact with the surroundings which is something called NFC (Near Field Communication). This will have a huge application in Media Player which could interact with RFID embedded objects whenever it comes in its range. And the good news is that iPhone SDK3.0 already has support to access external hardware.

Besides RFID authentication, the phone is also rumored to enhance user sensational experience by enhancing the responsiveness of the screen. This would mean that you would be able to feel shocks and this will open up a new vista of gaming experience on iPhone.

We got hold of some cool concept designs for the new iPhone 4G:



Not picked up an iPhone 3g yet? Make sure you do it before the new mobile phone comes out to make sure you like it.

[images via Concept Phone and nfc]

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