Some photos were leaked on the web yesterday of (rumored) the next iPhone 5. It would have been a regular story that went unnoticed except that this time Apple intervened and took those videos detailing the design of the next iPhone from YouTube. This could only mean one thing: The leaked design photos have to be that of actual iPhone!

The latest leaked design photos of iPhone 5 show that the design is very similar to iPhone 4 but the antenna is definitely changed and due to obvious reasons: The definite flaw (reception problem) in the current iPhone 4 antenna. See the photos after the break.





And here is the photo leaked by GlobalDirectParts showing the difference in the design of the rim of iPhone 4 and (what it claims to be) iPhone 5:


The YouTube video was uploaded by GlobalDirectParts but was immediately pulled on request from Apple itself.These photos were leaked by which is a Chinese blog and they claim that they got these directly from inside Foxconn, the company that manufactures Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, in fact almost all of Apple’s product lines. Foxconn had come under scrutiny on issues related to how it treats it’s employees.