This is a fresh rumor roundup for the next iPhone, the iPhone 5. Normally I discard rumors especially since everyone’s posting something about the next iPhone but when these rumors come from a source that has proven to be a good intelligence source for iPod Touch then we better listen.

iDealsChina has posted sketches of the skeleton of what they claim will be iPhone 5. If this is to believe then iPhone 5 will have a larger screen or possibly it will cut down on the rim to make the screen look larger. This particular source is popular for leaking early sketches of Apple’s upcoming devices for 3rd party accessory manufacturers to tailor their products according to the design of Apple’s devices.

Here are some of the sketches of iPhone 5:

This is an (rumored) engineering sketch of the next iPhone

This frame of the next iPhone indicates a larger screen size


And this is an artistic sketch posted on a Taiwanese website:

Apple is reportedly cooking a “nano” version of iPhone which will be released with the launch of iPhone 5. This has to be a very strong rumor because case manufacturers are already rolling out initial designs of their cases for iPhone nano.

And finally, here’s a comparison of iPhone 5 with iPhone 4 and what we will call the iPhone nano:

It seems that the iPhone nano is just a scaled down version of iPhone 5 but will it also scale down the processing power and battery life besides just the screen size? Here’s another sketch of the nano version:

Apple always has something to surprise us with, always Smile