Managing Music, Movies and files on your iPhone could be a problem if you are on the move and don’t have the machine on which you have iTunes installed. There are also features you would like iTunes to include but it does not have them. This is where a client software that can be easily installed on a Windows machine comes in: iPhone Magic is the perfect match of file manager for your iPhone as well as a back up tool which makes sure you do not lose a bit of data from your iPhone.

Unlike other commonly available tools, iPhone Magic is a professionally designed softwareiPhone Magic, iPhone transfer client for Converting movies and music to iPhone specific format, transferring those converted files to your iPhone and also doing backup of your important data or complete data backup of your iPhone. It’s simply amazing.

We have rated iPhone Magic at ProgrammerFIsh and have to say this: The iPhone Video Converter is the best feature of iPhone Magic. And now it’s extremely fast too!

Video Converter:

This is not an ordinary converter. To stay ahead of the curve, the team at Xilisoft managed to make use of GPUs massive compute power to accelerate the process of converting movies to iPhone specific format with NVIDIA CUDA acceleration. If you have a CUDA capable GPU installed on your machine that converting a full HD movie which usually took up to 30 minutes to convert now only takes less then 6 minutes! That is 500% fast conversion! We are pretty much sure no other iPhone video converter provides this. Here’s how it is done:

Video conversion performance is simply awesome! If you want to see if your Graphics card is supported for this speed-up kiniPhone transfer, iPhone copydly check it out at the list provided by Xilisoft.

With iPhone Magic, you can also use your iPhone as a portable hard disk since you can transfer any kind of file to it, take the file around and use iPhone Magic wherever it’s installed to retrieve the stored files from your iPhone. In simple terms, it adds the USB memory stick feature to your iPhone.

Creating and Managing Photo Albums

Just like iTunes, iPhone Magic also provides you the feature to bundle photos into separate albums which can then be synced to your iPhone or iTunes.

Supported iOS and iTunes version

iPhone Magic supports every iOS released including iOS 4.1 and all earlier as well as the latest iTunes 10 and ofcourse, all the previous versions.

Supported iDevices

  • iPod touch 2G/3G and iPod touch 4
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4

If you want to see more information regarding the features, do check the iPhone Magic page