It hasn’t been a while since Apple announced iPhone SDK 3.2 for the enterprise developers to explore the new features and it was confirmed that this new SDK will be used for developing applications for Apple’s new iPad which will start coming out from the last week of March. Apple has now released Beta 2 of iPhone SDK 3.2 with some minor changes from the previous one.



The SDK is available at Apple Developer connection but we cannot disclose the features since it is still in NDA but don’t worry leaks are on their way 🙂

Download iPhone SDK 3.2 Beta 2

Update 1:


OS 3.2 Beta 2 mostly contains fixes with no new feature added. The features/tools that have been fixed are:

  • Xcode/Developer Tools
  • MediaPlayer
  • Simulator
  • Interface Builder
  • UIWebView
  • UIImage

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