Unlike the now-popular JailbreakMe which lets you jailbreak your iPhone 4 (and older) and iPod touch (all models) with just a single click, there is definite news that a new bootrom based exploit will be released in just a matter of days? iOS 4.1 update has been shipped by Apple already and the timing of this new jailbreak exploit is surely exciting. JailbreakMe and all other previous jailbreak tools use leaks in the iOS (previously known as iPhone OS) to jailbreak your iDevice but with a bootrom based jailbreak, you will have even more control like you would be able to change the boot logo among other things.

This bootrom based jailbreak exploit has been confirmed by pod2g (the iPhone hacker responsible for the exploit) and he recieved congratulations from MuscleNerd (the trusted name in iPhone hacker community) and cpich3g, look at the following screenshot:


This bootrom based jailbreak will definitely be a lot harder to patch for Apple since it will require a fresh bootrom from Apple to be patched.

You can download iOS 4.1 from our iOS download page