The news is that the domain has been registered which has exactly the same WHOIS record and IP address as Geohot’s main Jailbreak tool website, and what’s more interesting is that it follows the same pattern that is, a lime colored drop whereas the Blackra1n has a black colored drop.


Now you can do untethered Jailbreak of your iPhone 3G/3Gs running latest firmware 3.1.3 with "Spirit".

Step by Step iPhone 2G/3G/3Gs Firmware 3.1.3 Jailbreak Guide Using Spirit

It’s not yet clear whether Limera1n is going to Jailbreak the latest iPhone OS4 tethered or untethered or it’s going to do untethered Jailbreak of iPhone OS 3.1.3?


Here are the WHOIS records of
(For those who don’t know WHOIS records reveal the registrant’s information including address, contact number and email address as well as the name of the person. Registrants can request this information to be protected by turning on WHOIS guard service available through their domain registrar) WHOIS records
limera1n-whois-record WHOIS records

The domain has been registered for 2 years and will expire on 27th March 2012. Now the big question is whether Limera1n is going to be the untethered Jailbreak tool for all iDevices (iPod touch, iPhone and iPad) running on iPhone OS4? (via Twitter)