Unable to keep up with the swift Forex market updates and trends? Want to track and cover the stock market volatile canvas sitting at home? Wall Street magnate is the brand new web based solution for you, an interactive” fantasy trading community” which allows you to be a newbie yet smart wall street trader. Wall Street magnate  updates the subscribers with the new tweaks about the much important Forex raters and stock broking trends. This great initiative is taken to inject the sense of trading in the US stock markets especially for the newbies because there are increase complaints of the inability to compliant the swiftly changing moods and rates of the US stock markets.

You can sign up using your Facebook account or your email id and you will become the “apprentice trader” having a “virtual” money (of course) of around $100,000 in your account using which you will start weighing your options and trading in the stocks. All the trading can be performed in the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ or the American Stock Exchange and if you want to play in the foreign (Non US) stocks, the option is available through American depositary receipts (ADR).


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Wall street magnate is probably the first real time Forex data updation   based web outlet allowing the users to maintain a separate dashboard in which all their activities are logged. All the transactions, deals, splits, and dealings are stored in the dashboard. Every subscribed or registered user can view the pop-ups explaining each and everything in the website in order to avoid any sort of confusion. Wall Street magnate has clearly churlished the other web outlets for tracking the forex trends. The peculiar features like real time updates about the new market entrants and the graphing comparisons between the different companies are the real benchmark which differentiates WSM from other virtual trading systems. Another befitting feature of this much appreciated online utility is the ability to export the transaction history, trading details and Froex rates to excel sheets which not only allows a calm offline data analysis, it also helps newbies to gather easy consultancy using the hard copies of the results.

The Wall street journal development team really worked hard to make it easily understandable for the laymen and the interface is in the phase of regular updates to facilitate the users. So what’s the delay then? visit the website and check out how can you be the Forex guru by using this great website.