This guest post is written by Simon

LG has traditionally lagged behind in the high-end smartphone market with Apple, HTC andLG dual core Optimus 2X phone Samsung pushing the industry forwards. With the official unveiling of LG's latest batch of smartphones however, it seems that the tides are starting to turn in the Korean company's favour. Alongside the Optimus Black, which will be the latest phone to take the title of "world's thinnest smartphone" as well as having the world's brightest phone screen, the LG Optimus 2X looks set to push LG to the forefront of the industry with a number of significant firsts in terms of hardware and software features.

The main point of interest for the 2X, and the feature that has attracted the most attention since the phone's initial leaking as the LG Star, is its dual core processor. The Tegra 2 chip developed by NVidia will have two 1GHz processor cores making it twice as powerful as the current crop of Snapdragon phone processors. On top of this it will feature eight GeForce GPU cores making it an exceptional device for gaming. With HDMI and wireless DLNA available the Optimus 2X allows you to play games through your home TV, and with a fully 3 dimensional gyro sensor you can use the Optimus 2X as a control pad.

Despite these features, which arguably make the Optimus 2X the best gaming phone on the market, the Optimus 2X was not designed specifically with gaming in mind. In virtually every area of the phone to Optimus 2X outperforms its nearest rivals, and the 8 megapixel camera is no exception. While 720p HD video recording has been available for a while now on the likes of highly popular handsets such as the iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S, the Optimus 2X does even better with 1080p video recording. Captured videos can also be viewed through your home TV in the same manner as games, through the aforementioned HDMI and DLNA.

Running on Android Froyo (upgradable to Gingerbread), the Optimus 2X comes with excellent music and video playback support, and with microSD cards provides around 40GB of storage space. Adobe Flash is supported out of the box and there is also full YouTube integration so you can enjoy streaming videos from online. On top of this for all music fans is an FM radio with RDS so you can listen to the latest tunes.

With high speed 3G and Wi-Fi connections available the Optimus 2X is the perfect device for all sorts of online activity, including social networking (fully integrated), as well as instant messaging through the likes of Google Talk, email though the likes of Gmail, or just general web browsing. Threaded SMS messages and MMS messages are also supported making the Optimus 2X an excellent phone for all sorts of messaging.

The LG Optimus 2X is the first dual core phone and comes with unparalleled gaming prowess. While these are the main features attracting attention the Optimus 2X is also an excellent messaging and web browsing phone and is also highly noticeable for its DLNA and 1080p video support. Even though 2011 has just begun the Optimus 2X looks set to be a benchmark device for some time to come and quite possibly one of the biggest selling handsets of the year.