The front and back facing camera on iPhone 4 have opened the gates for a million video chat apps. Chat-Roulette for iPhone 4 was a natural outcome of this new feature in iPhone 4. Now you can do live video chat with random people from around the globe using your iPhone 4. The only restriction, like in FaceTime is that both the ‘random’ persons need to have iPhone 4.

This is the first Chat-roulette type app for the iPhone 4 and it’s FREE. Wait some more days before we see a plethora of live video chat apps for the new iPhone. Just like Chat-roulette for the web, this app named ‘iChatr’ allows you to:

  • Do live video chat with random iPhone 4 users from around the globe.
  • The chat is completely anonymous meaning that you do not have to be registered or anything.
  • You can swipe to connect to a new person.

Here are a couple of stills from the app:

chat_roulette_for_iphone_4 chat_roulette_for_iphone_4_2

If you are not into anonymous video chat on your new iPhone 4, then you can always try FaceTime (you need to be on a WiFi network to do it) OR the better option would be the updated Fring for iPhone 4 which allows 2-way FREE video calls between iPhone 4, Android and Nokia phones. (news via TiPD)

Download iChatr from iTunes