Fring has just been updated with the new version ( and what’s different about it? You can now make 2 way video calls using Fring on 3G network and not only on Wi-Fi! When Steve Jobs introduced FaceTime, he said it was revolutionary and the very first time video calling has been made a reality on mobile phones but the problem was that you could not do FaceTime if you are not connected to a WiFi network.

With Fring on iPhone 4, you can make 2 way video calls on a 3G network or WiFI  - whichever is available – to not only another iPhone 4 but also Android and Nokia! This has to be the ultimate alternative to FaceTime for iPhone 4.


Here’s the video demoing Fring being used to make a video call on a 3G network from an iPhone 4 to an Android phone.

Here’s a quick summary of what has been added to the new release of Fring:

  • 2-way video calls from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4
  • 2-way video calls from iPhone 4 to Android
  • 2-way video calls from iPhone 4 to Nokia
  • Video calls on 3G network and also on WiFi
  • Multi-tasking which means you get notified whenever a friend tries to make a video call to you
  • Social stream and all the previous awesome features.

What’s great is that it’s all FREE and you do not have to jailbreak to use Fring since it’s available on App Store.

Here are a few screenshots of Fring in action:

fring_for_iphone_4  fring_for_iphone

Download Fring for iPhone from App Store