logo Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series is officially unveiled by Microsoft at Mobile World Congress 2010 today. Joe B gave an awesome demo of WP7 that has amazed me.

startscreen_webIt has a total new UI design inspired by the Zune UI. The hardware includes 3 significant buttons, start, search and back.

Unlike icons, the home UI is titled that is very unique and innovative. You can customize each of the tile to the way you want.


Windows Phone 7 series offers wonderful social features. Integration with Facebook, Windows Live and other social networks makes the mobile experience superb (merged contacts, pictures etc). It also supports multi-touch and the pinch zoom is so smooth, even smoother than the iPhone and Android. It uses sub pixel positioning for rendering the web pages.

The web search is obviously powered by Bing. It’s integrated in such a way that it offers very good experience with the UI.


Windows Phones basically feature 4 hubs. A hub is a place that brings all your favorite things at one place and allows you to manage them. The 4 hubs are People hub, Office hub, Music and video hub and games hub

People hub is an idea to bring together the people in your life at one place on your phone.

mwc201020100215588 mwc201020100215586

Social networking integration makes you able to stay in touch with your favorite contacts and participate in their social activities.

Pictures hub brings your pictures at one place


All your albums on different social networks come at one place and let you do the activities like commenting on photos from your phone. Social activities of friends are instantly available.

Office hub brings productivity on phone.


All your Office and SharePoint activities are mobile with a new experience. And Outlook for Windows Phone 7 is amazingly unique.

Music and video Hub brings all your music and videos at one place

mwc201020100215550 mwc201020100215604 

Microsoft has also announced that every Windows Phone 7 device will be a Zune. It’s a one stop shop for all music and videos.

Games Hub brings games on mobile with social features.


The Xbox Live is integrated in Windows Phone 7. Makes you experience the games socially with many other cool features.

Windows Phone 7 series will be available by Christmas 2010.

Visit Windows Phone 7 Series official website for a cool demo.

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