Guys at Directthought are developing an application for iPhone that will allow users to manage and control the Amazon EC2 environment form an iPhone.

This application uses a toolkit called cTypica which is an Objective-C version of the popular typica Java toolkit for AWS. This will be released under the Apache 2.0 License to enable others to gain access to Amazon's service from their own iPhone applications.

directthought is proud to announce the development of a native iPhone application to access and control Amazon's EC2. You'll be able to keep tabs on your EC2 resource (instances, volumes, etc.) using this application running on your iPhone. Because it is a native application, it doesn't rely on any other server. All you rely on are your iPhone, Amazon's servers and your internet connection. This application is under development and has been tested on the iPhone and iPod touch. We're posting some preliminary screen shots. These are subject to change as the application is refined prior to release

Here are some screenshots:


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