Not just download but you can actually convert them, get their embed codeimage even if it’s not your video and also change viewing resolution according to your taste and all with just a single click!

There are many other video downloaders out there but almost all of them require some sort of extra effort while downloading and most of the time they spoil the quality of the downloaded video.


So here the solution but you’ll need Firefox browser for that: Facebook Video download GreaseMonkey script.

For those who don’t know what’s GreaseMonkey: It’s a script manager for firefox from where you can enable/disable scripts which increase your browsing experience like this facebook video downloader script which adds a download link right there next to the facebook video! You don’t have to go to another page to download facebook video.


1) Download and install the latest Firefox 3.5.1 if you still don’t have it.

2) Get the GreaseMonkey script manager Add-on.

3) Install Facebook Video script and you’re done!

Once installed and your GreaseMonkey is enabled image  then you’ll see a bar with Download and other links below every facebook video on your facebook page. This is how it looks like:


You can right-click Download Video link and download it with your favorite download manager or can also use the firefox downloader.

Note: The Embed Video and Customize Code links are not working in Firefox 3.5. Lets hope it will be fixed soon.